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12" x 18" Solid Color Flag - PICK COLOR 12" x 18" Two Color Flag - PICK COLORS 2' x 3' Solid Color Flag  - PICK COLOR
2' x 3' Two Color Flag - PICK COLORS 3' x 5' Solid Color Flag  - PICK COLOR 3' x 5' Two Color Flag - PICK COLORS
Solid Color Flag 4x6 FT 4' x 6' Two Color Flag - PICK COLORS Solid Color Flag 5x8 FT
5' x 8' Two Color Flag - PICK COLORS 3' x 3' Printed Checker Black / White 3' x 3' Printed Checker Orange / White
3' x 3' Printed Checker Red / White

Different Uses of Flags for Sporting Events

What’s more American than baseball, hot dogs and the Stars and Stripes? Sports, patriotism and flags all go hand in hand, but there are more ways to use flags at sporting event than you might imagine

Stick to the classic

Saluting the flag and singing the national anthem is the time-honored way to kick off a ball game. Professional sports have taken the traditional to new levels by sprawling mega-sized flags over entire football and baseball fields. However, for most sporting events, standard-sized flags will do just fine. While having flags already raised on nearby flag poles is the easiest option, consider have a color guard bring in and raise the banners before the coin toss or the first pitch. At basketball games and other indoor arenas, flag poles may not be an option, so attached American and state flags vertically from the rafters.

Honor veterans with military flags

Thanking current and past members of the military for their service by displaying military flags is always a good idea. For games held on or around national holidays such Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day, consider adding a quick ceremony to the schedule by having a color guard march in military flags representing the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines.

Support your team

Decking out in team gear adds to the excitement of a big game. But why wear it when you can wave it? A flag bearing the logo or mascot of your favorite team is a great way to show team spirit. Wave it to get the fans exited during nail-biting moments or to celebrate a touch down, homerun or goal.

Rally the little guys

Team flags aren’t just for the pros. Custom printed flags are a great way to make little leaguers feel like a big deal. Design your own flag using mascots, team or school colors or the team name and have a high quality, made in USA version created in time for the next Peewee Football or Little Dribblers matchup.

Get their attention

While brightly colored and checkered attention flags have an obvious spot at racing events, they can also be used at other sporting events. Just like boom sticks and other items are used playfully distract the opposing team during field goals and free throws, attention flags can be a fun way to add to the antics in the stands.

Round up your group

When the buzzer sounds or the last strike is thrown, the mass exodus of the stadium begins. With your party suddenly strewn from the concession stand to the ladies’ room, a flag makes the perfect rally point for group members lost in the crowd.