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Hercules Polyester Flags (Commercial Grade):

US Flag Factory makes high quality US flags in two fabrics that offer long lasting beauty and durability. US Flag Factory flags remain strong in the elements of sun, rain, cold, and windy conditions.

  • 20 years of proven industry performance!
  • Vibrant Colors not found in other polyester flags!
  • Flies in lighter breeze than other polyester flags!
  • One of the longest lasting flags on the market!
  • Hercules is dollar for dollar the best flag in the industry!

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Why You Should Buy Flags Made in USA

Made in America is more than just a marketing slogan; it’s a priority for getting quality products at fair prices while supporting American workers. While the benefits of purchasing made in USA products are too numerous to count, these are some of the biggest reasons for both buyers and the nation.

Creating American Jobs

Buying Flags from US Flag Factory that are made in the USA is a simple, but effective, way to create jobs for American workers and keep the economy growing. The person that makes your custom printed flags or residential flag poles just might be your neighbor, best friend or sister. Aside from manufacturing, purchasing products made in the USA has a trickle-down effect creating jobs in retail, shipping and countless other industries.

Purchasing Quality Products

The secret to cheap foreign goods is cutting costs by sacrificing quality. Made in the USA products are usually made to more exacting standards, focusing on solid construction, durability and performance. Hercules polyester flags, as well as other flags produced in the US, are known for brilliant colors, stitched stripes, durable fabrics, long life spans.

Protecting the environment, one product at a time

The USA has implemented some of the strictest manufacturing regulations in the world in order to protect the environment, resulting in clean, safe manufacturing processes. Most other countries do not abide by the same set of environmental requirements and routinely churn out toxic chemicals and pollution in the production of goods.

Supporting human rights

Just as other nations do not uphold the same environmental standards, they also do not enforce the same level of working conditions as American companies do. While American workers are paid fair wages to work in clean, safe environments, foreign workers do not always have the same opportunity. Low wages, long work hours, unsafe conditions and child labor are standard parts of the production process in many other countries.

American-made products to display American pride

Probably the biggest reason to purchase made in USA flags is to demonstrate pride in the nation. Imagine pledging allegiance to something manufactured overseas, putting dollars in foreign pockets. Sadly, that is exactly what happens on all too many occasions. Through the years, many of the banners displayed in schools, carried in parades and waving over battlefields have been produced in China and other countries. However, the switch is on and in 2014 legislation was passed requiring all flags purchased by the Department of Defense to be made in America.